I think it is a shame that Physiotherapy London have not entered into any discounted arrangements for sporting clubs providing racket sports.. I found it very hard to find a physio who had racket sport experience and I only found Milly by accident. Milly has given me a lot more belief that I will be able to play tennis again after showing me a series of exercises that are designed to strengthen the shoulder for playing racket sports (after I originally dislocated it mountain biking in Epping forest). I play tennis in Northeast London and our club is a member of the ECLTA which has over 20 north east clubs as members. With members becoming older there is clearly an opportunity to expand your client base. After talking to fellow tennis and squash players there is also very little information on sporting coaches who have expertise in coaching players who have suffered injuries that may require a change in technique. – Most importantly, do you have any constructive feedback or rave reviews for us?

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